Writing Sample: Hope Town

A Visit to Hope Town, The Abacos, Bahamas
by Matt Claiborne

With its candy-striped lighthouse overlooking a protected harbor full of happy sailors, the settlement of Hope Town is the perfect island getaway. A twenty-minute ferry ride from the larger city of Marsh Harbor brings you to the idyllic town, which is situated on tiny Elbow Cay. The town’s pedestrian-only roads are lined with charming, colorful cottages and friendly shops.

The ocean surrounds Elbow Cay. A beautiful, white sand beach fringed with turquoise blue-green water awaits visitors on the eastern shore of the island. Snorkeling, diving, and fishing are all great ways to enjoy the spectacular reef system that surrounds Hope Town and the other islands of the Abacos.

A popular spot for cruising sailors and charter boat skippers alike, Hope Town Harbor is often crowded with boats of every description, tightly packed and swinging contentedly on their moorings. The harbor is lined with docks for restaurants, inns, hotels and private homes making access easy. The spectacular view of the harbor from the top of the lighthouse is not to be missed!

Most visitors to the Island of the Bahamas arrive on cruise ships, seeing only the large cities and cruise line owned private islands. If you long for a different view of the Bahamas, the flight into Marsh Harbour is only 45 minutes from Florida and a whole world away.  Escape to a refreshing paradise in Hope Town! 

All photography and copy copyright Matt Claiborne, 2018.