Writing Sample: Florida Keys Waterway Guide

Project Overview - Waterway Guide Florida Keys Edition, Contributing Editor 2019

Supplied original content for this all-new guideEdited content from other sources with local knowledgeReviewed and suggested improvements for photography throughoutThe final guide includes over 40 of my photographs and over 40 pages of original text.

Excerpt, Introduction to South Florida & The Keys
Text and photography by Matt Claiborne
Copyright 2019 Waterway Guide Media

Stock Photography Shares

Recently several of my boating and Bahamas stock images have been shared online and in social media.

West Marine has recently shared a photo taken aboard our cruising sailboat while underway in an online marketing campaign, as well as on in-store advertisements.

Topic Ocean Airways, a floatplane operator out of South Florida, shared my aerial image of three dolphins playing, taken in the Abacos.

USA Today used my image taken on Green Turtle Cay for their 10Best Islands for Romance online contest. After the votes were tallied, Green Turtle Cay won the number one spot! You can view the finished results here:

Writing Sample: Clearing In with the New ROAM App

Published in the Spring 2019 edition of Waterway Guide Magazine
Text by Matt Claiborne
Copyright Waterway Guide Media, 2019

Writing Sample: Queen Conch

Text and Photos Copyright Matt Claiborne, 2018.

Queen Conch (Strombus gigas)

No animal epitomizes these islands more than the Queen Conch (pronounced “konk”). These large sea snails are so embedded in island life that they appear on the national coat of arms and all coins and bills. Walking around settlements and beaches, you will see shells everywhere. Piles will be littered around fish cleaning tables, where conchers punch the upper shell to remove the animal to make cracked conch. In less populated areas and in deeper water, you will likely see these unusual creatures pulling their heavy shells around with their large operculum or pointed foot.
Conch eggs only take three days to hatch, and the female can lay up to half a million eggs at a time. As with many ocean species, only a tiny fraction of these eggs will make it to adulthood. Conch begin life as free-swimming larvae with no shell and are known as “veligers.” After two months, conch sink to the bottom and begin metamorphosis. …

Writing Sample: Running the ICW

Originally published on

Running the ICW: 10 Tips for Newbies
Text and photos copyright Matt Claiborne, 2017.

Matt: “Why is that guy hugging that green channel marker so closely?” CRASH.
Lucy: “Gosh, that catamaran looks way out of the channel!” CRASH!

Fun fact: when only one keel of a catamaran runs aground, it spins violently! Pretty fun to smugly watch from a free floating vessel, but we bet it’s shocking to be aboard. Hopefully, we can continue to be smug.

But we don’t like to get too smug. We did have a few close calls (we draw 4 feet and we consider anything less than 6 too skinny!). We got to 5.2 at one spot outside of McClellanville, SC. We saw it coming and were going very slow. Nothing happened, we made it fine.

Now we know what you are saying, “there’s two types of sailors, those that have run aground and those that have lied about it.” And that may be true. When we bought our first boat to live aboard, a 32-foot monohull, we ran hard aground minutes after ca…

Vector Artwork Projects

All artwork and photography copyright Matt Claiborne, 2018.

Food Photography: St. Patrick's Day Menu

All photography copyright Matt Claiborne, 2018.